What is a Smart Money Portfolio?

SprottWealth uses the methods that institutional pension plans utilize to allocate capital. This involves an “open architecture” platform to allocate capital to the best investment strategies, managers, hedge funds and ETFs in an attempt to deliver the best risk-adjusted return.

How does SprottWealth compare...

Where is the Smart Money going?

Over the past several years, allocation to alternative asset classes by both institutional and retail investors has trended upwards. That trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) projects that allocation to alternative investments will grow nearly 10% a year for the next 5 years.[1]

Why the Smart Money is going there...

  • Volatility in the equity markets

    Volatility in the markets currently appears to be unavoidable. Global uncertainty and over-heated markets are driving investors to look for reasonable gains elsewhere.

  • Diversification

    Simple asset classes and geographic diversification do not provide sufficient risk mitigation anymore. Investors who are looking for protection from market swings need alternative exposure in their portfolios to combat the volatility in the equity space and shrinking bond yields.

  • Un-correlated asset class

    Alternative asset classes are uncorrelated to traditional stocks and bonds. They tend to outperform when traditional asset classes are experiencing declines.

How SprottWealth can help make your money smart

SprottWealth provides you with a dedicated, fully engaged Investment Advisor who will orchestrate your access to innovative, thoughtful, best-in-class asset allocation strategies.


Why Smart Money Portfolios?

Smart Money Portfolios give you alternative investment strategies that match your risk tolerance. Featuring hand-picked managers who have a history of adding alpha to their returns, Smart Money Portfolios have the potential to reduce volatility while improving performance under all market conditions. 


  • The Income Portfolio offers highest fixed income allocation of the Smart Money portfolios. 

  • The Balanced Portfolio increases your equity exposure relative to Income. 

  • The Growth Portfolio trades-off fixed income for Alternatives and Equity.

  • The Long-term Growth Portfolio is a balance of Alternatives and Equity, which is designed to maximize risk-adjusted return.